Our Team

We’ve created a team of passionate, caring and supportive staff with a mix of different cultural, linguistic, ethnic and social backgrounds, who share the common goal of working together to help families and individuals with quality, dignified services.

Administration Coordinator

In most instances, the first point of contact when a family calls is our Administration Coordinator. We understand that some families are confused and highly emotional which makes talking to complete stranger very difficult. Our Administration Coordinator is an enthusiastic and committed team member, who has experience within the service including coordination, funeral conducting and arranging, and family liaison. We are confident our families feel less intimidated once they understand they are speaking with someone who gets what they are going through.

The Administration Coordinator is passionate about working at Bereavement Assistance because they believe in the vision of growing the organisation to reach more people in the community.


We have a small, dedicated team of Consultant/Arrangers that work closely together to ensure when families contact us with a query, they are able to respond to that query appropriately, even if the family is not a family they are personally supporting at the time. There is a culture of sharing is caring and this culture is best witnessed in the way the team interacts with their families.

The team is passionate about supporting families to provide a respectful service for their loved one, even during times of financial hardship and stress.


Our Embalmer is a relatively recent addition to the team at Bereavement Assistance and is very dedicated to ensuring the care provided is the best that can be achieved. Our Embalmer works closely with the Consultant/Arrangers to ensure any specific requests made by families are achieved.

Administration Support

Our Administration Support takes some of the administrative burden away from the Consultant/Arrangers, allowing the Consultant/Arrangers to spend more of their time in supporting and guiding families, something that we understand is so vitally important when a family is possibly struggling, not only with the death of a loved one but also with the financial commitment of a service.

Without this function, so much time would be spent fulfilling administration requirements by the Consultant/Arrangers, time better spent in the support of families.

Business Manager

The Business Manager is also an experienced Consultant/Arranger so understands many of the issues faced by the team when dealing with families. The Business Manager is committed to empowering the team by sharing experiences, seeking team input into business processes and encouraging ownership of the systems within the organisation. It is important to recognise that one person alone can’t function as effectively as a like-minded team therefore the position is very much about support for the team and encouraging growth by leading by example.

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.

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